Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T-Minus 7 Days

Well, here we are at the 1 week mark.  In fact, by this time of day I should be just wrapping up.  A friend asked me how I feel about it at this point, and I answered, "Well, I'll say this.  I'm no longer terrified."

Anxious and a bit pressured, yes.  But not terrified.  Learning test taking strategies goes a long, long way in building your confidence.  (Seriously, "Jane" at work has a fruit basket coming her way...whether I bust out a 700 score or not...)

However, I'm also starting to sweat the application process a bit.  First up is St. Gallen, the Swiss school, which has its Round 2 Deadline on the 1st of February.  It's also shifted to my #1 choice for now.  I'll revisit my personal ranking system later in another post after I've recovered from the GMAT.  I now have two recommenders on board and a third unexpected offer.  I got multiple copies of my transcript from my alma mater and the skeleton of a few essay questions are already started.  This week I'd like to get a brief rundown of my history and goals to my recommenders so that they have something to reference over the next 6 weeks or so as I prepare my first application package.

All in all, I'm feeling good.  Onward!