Monday, December 27, 2010

T-Minus 1 Day: Almost GMAT Time

'Twas the night before GMAT, and all through the house...

Okay, I'm not going to go there.  Christmas is over, after all.  Plus I don't want to waste precious brain cells trying to be clever and rhyme my way through this.

But here we are at the night before the GMAT.  I've just printed out my confirmation e-mail and reviewed the directions.  Even though the testing center is in a building where I used to work about 4 years ago, they have since finished building a freeway interchange that didn't exist before, so I'll be going a slightly different way.

I'm actually feeling eerily calm.  I guess once you realize that you're at the point where you know as much as you're going to know and there isn't much more to be done about it, you can relax.  I do feel confident that I will not fall flat on my face.  It's funny--I've been saying these last few weeks that I've come to view this like a cagefight between me and the test, and today I was thumbing through my strategy book and it basically said that taking that exact attitude is often part of successful test-taking strategies.  That gave me a chuckle and made me feel better.

Dad's downstairs cooking dinner and I might go over a few last-minute things for the test--like how to check your timing (e.g. by the 30 minute mark you should at least be on question 15 or whatever) and how to set up your noteboard efficiently, but basically after dinner I plan to just chill out with some tv and hit the sack at a decent hour.  I'm testing in the afternoon, so I have plenty of time to roll out of bed and eat a good breakfast, talk to friends, putz around, etc.

That said, I still welcome all the luck I can get!