Thursday, December 15, 2011

The MBA Project: Semester One Done!

Okay, so I don't usually declare it really over until the fat lady sings, aka final grades are posted.  But I'm going to go ahead and call it--I finished my first semester of grad school! YEAH!  We took our last final yesterday evening, and about a third of our cohort went to a local bar to celebrate afterwards.  Right about now, I know a bunch of them are getting together again at a bar, but a.) I'm freaking exhausted and b.) it's a pretty far drive.  So even though the spirit is willing and would very much love to go a couple rounds with my classmates, it was all the flesh could do to get through today before calling it quits and coming straight home for the evening.

There some pretty challenging times these last few months, what with navigating the sometimes choppy waters of team projects (which are about 100x more difficult to pull off when you're all employed full time and don't live anywhere near each other) and balancing the workload with the rest of our lives, but my team, my cohort, and I all made it through.  Now for a glorious 2.5 weeks of break before getting right back into it again.

Funny, I never thought I'd see a time when just working a 40 hour week was considered a break.

(Although, to be fair, I am taking off a week to go home to Pittsburgh, so I really am getting a break.)