Sunday, April 10, 2011

The MBA Project: The Wait

I've been pretty calm since finally submitting my application.  I've been anxious to hear anything back from the school, of course, but I didn't expect anything until maybe last week or this upcoming week at the latest.  I had it in my head that I'd get an e-mail from admissions notifying me that they received my application and what its status was.   I don't think I wrote about the all-day MBA Insights session I attended last weekend, but I met a few other people who had already submitted their applications ahead of me and one guy said that he received a notice from the school with log-in information to their online tracking portal.

Anyway, cut to today when I was walking across the street to dump my recyclables and on the way back I remembered that I hadn't picked up Saturday's mail yet.  I opened my mailbox and just about had a heart attack when I saw an envelope bearing my name with "University of San Diego Office of Admissions" stamped on it.  For a fleeting moment my stomach dropped and I thought to myself, "It's not the fat envelope.  Fat envelopes are good, skinny envelopes are not."

As I walked back inside my apartment, I slowly returned to my senses and rationalized that it was probably just too darn early to declare me dead in the water and that this was probably the notification from the admissions office that I was looking for--the one giving me log-in information to the portal.  It was.  I just checked and I felt even a little better when I read the paragraph that said that because this is such a busy time of year for their team (obvi), sometimes it takes awhile for them to find all of those floaty bits, like transcripts and GMAT scores, and match them to your online application.  Even though your status may say that it is not yet in, it might actually be physically in the office and just not tagged to your information yet.  Sigh of relief.  That's obviously the case with me, as according to my status, my file wasn't created until a week after I submitted my application, and it doesn't list receipt dates for any of my supplemental material.

So, in short, I just need to be patient on this one.  Until they have a complete file for me, it won't be passed to anyone to actually start reviewing it and considering me for interview, etc., and there isn't anything I can do until then.  Go about life as usual.