Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Times for Good Friends

The girl I shared a room with when I was a Disney College Program Intern back in 2002 just got engaged.  By this point in my life, engagements seem like old hat.  Heck, I have more than a handful of friends who are on their second marriage, child, etc., and yet this one feels more special than the rest.  I suppose it's because my friend was a part of a very special circle of friends, and she's the first to get married.  We shared the apartment on our internship with six girls total, and four of us met online before the college program, and then met up with one another the night before our official check-in date.  That night cemented us all together, and over the next five months we grew into a very tight-knit circle a la Sex and the City.  We bonded early and often, and one thing that we all had in common for a very long time was that we were single.  I have no other specific group of friends like that; in fact, I'm usually in the minority now among my peers because I'm not married.  But now one of our own is finally growing up and settling down and I couldn't be happier for her!  Although we are not as close as we once were, I do know that her now-fiance has made her incredibly happy over the last few years and treats her like a princess.  (The princess bit was her words.)   I feel a little verklempt when I see the pictures from her engagement site (he wrote "Marry Me, Michelle" in sidewalk chalk at the site of their first date...where they went on a run--yes, this is one very fit couple!).  I am so, so profoundly happy for her.  Congratulations, Michelle and Mike!