Saturday, March 26, 2011


I literally only have one piece left to do for my application, and I haven't done it.  It's the final essay, one that focuses on a current topic in business today.  It's the kind of thing I can bang out in an hour, and yet I'm dragging my feet.  I did my FAFSA like 6 weeks ago, sent for transcripts, got at least 1 recommendation letter in (the second is hopefully going to complete it this weekend), finally got my personal statement essay and resume ironed out with the help of some friends and family...and yet here I am doing everything but the final piece.  I honestly couldn't tell you why it's taken me this long because I really want this whole application over with already.  I wanted to be sending this in three weeks ago.  And let's not forget that I would have to do an interview too, so even after it all gets sent in, it's still not done.

This procrastingating business has really got to stop if I'm going to survive an MBA program on top of a full time job.