Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm excited about the prospect of going to USD, I really am. However, it still killed me to receive a call this morning from a member of the admissions team at ERASMUS Rotterdam. I was en route to work when I got the call. (As a funny aside, when I saw the very long number, I assumed it was a call from Germany, so I answered, "Well, helloooooo...!" and I really threw the poor lady off guard for a moment.) Several weeks ago I submitted my CV/Resume to them for a very basic evaluation and I received e-mail feedback within a day or two. Today they were calling to follow up and see if I had any additional questions. I chatted with her briefly and actually manged to gain some more advice and insight for my CV. So, even though I don't plan on applying there, my interaction has been useful.

Still, I want to make it absolutely clear that if someone offered me, say, €100,000 to go over to Europe and study, I would take it before they finished saying, "Here, take this hundred throusand Euro and go to the Netherla---hey, where you going so fast?!?" World domination is still very much at the top of my list. And for a brief moment after the call I thought to myself, "Hey, they don't start their intake until next January. There's still plenty of time to apply and get my affairs in order..." But then I reminded myself again that that isn't realistic and it's The Hard Way all over again. To get the lifestyle I want, I either need:

a.) a sugar daddy

b.) an employer who will underwrite my travel expenses, or

c.) to become independently wealthy

The goal is to attain a combination of "b" and "c", but I would welcome an "a" at any time.  (Any takers?  I like long walks on the beach and I'm a good cook.)

I suppose I shall just have to content myself with the ongoing planning around Eurotrip 2011. *le sigh*

Update 02/16/11: I also received an e-mail follow up this morning from Rotterdam, which I knew to expect.  But no sooner did I post this than did another e-mail arrive from St. Gallen.  Is the Universe mocking me? Why, God, why?