Sunday, August 21, 2011

The MBA Project: Twas The Night Before Orientation

Well, here we are.  Tomorrow is the first day of a week long orientation for the evening MBA program at the University of San Diego.  I'm excited, but it's a mellow excitement.  Mostly I don't know what to expect and I don't want to raise my expectations to a fever pitch.  My textbooks have been ordered, my pre-course MBTI test taken, my bio and photo for the cohort profile submitted, and I've got 5 killer business school outfits lined up for the week.  I am ready.

I did have all sorts of notions of productivity, health, and mindfulness for this final weekend before I launch into a life of case studies and accounting terms.  I figured I could go for a run or at least a long walk around the neighborhood, study my self-made German flash cards, or work diligently on my dance costume.  However, that gave way to a weekend of eating and drinking on the company dime, having brunch with my friends and their kids, and cleaning the most obscure parts of my kitchen.  Friday evening my place of business sponsored a private cabana area to watch the races at Del Mar and Saturday they rented out a private patio and stands at PETCO Park for the Padres vs. Marlins game.  Just some of the benefits of staying employed while I take on this business school project. :)

But here I am with a lap full of kitty and new MacBook Pro, probably gearing up to watch something out of my Netflix queue instead.   Life will change after this, and surely for the better, but definitely for the busier.  So I must indulge myself in some lazy Sunday evening activity while I still can...