Thursday, June 16, 2011

The MBA Project: Cha-ching

Hear the sound of a cash register and weeping?  That's me signing my deposit check.  Let me put it this way--it's less than the cost of a credit hour, but it's still enough to hurt.  It's enough to make you say to yourself, "Yes, this is happening."  And then also thank goodness that payday is tomorrow, and that it's worked out so that I'll still be able to feed myself on my upcoming vacation.  Not lavishly, but I'll get along alright.

I finally found out why I hadn't received my official letter and deposit slip yet; they had entered my address incorrectly.  They re-sent it and it came this week.  When I get it into the mail tomorrow morning, it should get to the school by the due date of June 20th.  The admissions director told me not to worry; since the time crunch is a result of their error, as long as I keep her appraised and inform her when they can expect my deposit, everything is kosher.

I am quite fortunate that my company does have that educational reimbursement program.  The bad news is that because it is a reimbursement based on your class performance, they don't give back the money until you've finished the class and received a grade.  That's about six months from now!  I guess the good news is that I'm going to get one nice fat paycheck around Christmas.

I also filled out my Financial Aid paperwork over the weekend.  All I can say is that I better make a lot of money when I get those three magic letters!