Friday, May 13, 2011

The MBA Project: Cordial Invite

To be honest, I was beginning to think that I had been either forgotten or cut.  My application had been complete and ready to review for just a tad over 3 weeks and I heard not a word from the school.  Then I saw an e-mail in my inbox yesterday afternoon, subject line: "MBA Interview Request".  And my stomach dropped.  It's that first zap you feel whether you've gotten good or bad news, and it either sours (bad news) or turns into butterflies (good news).  Mine was, of course, the latter.

I have been invited to interview with the admissions director, which is neat because I've already met her once.  And by "met", I mean that she was the host for the initial Info session I went to back in January.  I did pipe up with a couple of questions, but she may not remember me specifically.  Well, maybe she will--I did correspond with her in order to drop in and observe that class a few weeks later.  At any rate, I am scheduled to have a 30 minute interview with her next Tuesday morning.  I wanted to do it first thing in the a.m. so that I didn't have all day to work myself up in the office.

So this weekend I will crack my business school admissions books back open and pore over the Interview chapters and try to come up with some pre-loaded answers to common questions.  If the good folks at USD saw fit to look past my fair-to-middling, lop-sided GMAT score, then I must have done something right on the rest of it!  I feel like having made it past the first round, this is just mine to lose now.