Thursday, December 31, 2009

Contemplations of a Millennial

We're on the verge of closing out a new decade. Not just any decade--the first 10 years of the new millennium. It's impossible not to look back and see where I was when it began. The year was 1999. I had had my first kiss, earned my drivers' license, moved up to the senior high school, and started my first job. In that order. Big year in the life of M.E. Brown.

It's slowly dawned on me that this decade is probably the most significant for my particular age set, the late 20-somethings. Step aside from the historic moments for a minute and look at life from a micro scale. In these last 10 years I have graduated from high school and college, celebrated the milestone 18th and 21st birthdays, began a professional career, and seen my peers through weddings, new babies, and buying first homes. Heck, I even know some people who are already divorced and/or on second marriages. If that's not a big decade for change in the life of a person, I don't know what is. I suppose this is why I am called a "millennial". It was my time to come of age.

And now that I am "of age", what does that mean? Are the next 10 years to be relatively uneventful because so many of the traditional milestones are behind me? I most certainly hope not. I'll have the big 3-0 to contend with, I could find that special someone and settle down, go forth and multiply, buy a home. As far as I'm concerned, there's so much life still left ahead of me, and unlike with the years between 2000 and 2010 where I pretty much knew when the "big things" (i.e. graduations, birthdays) were going to hit, now I am completely mystified. Exciting, isn't it?

How do you feel about your own personal history in the last 10 years? Do you have any specific short or long term goals, or are you just getting along and taking things as they come?

Me and Lindsey, my best friend of 14+ years, New Year's Eve 1999

Several friends from high school in Pat S.'s living room, moments before ringing in 2000