Friday, November 13, 2009

Feline Friends

My 12 year old cat, Miss Amelia, went to the vet for dental surgery today. She needed to have a few teeth removed. Luckily, they weren't the ones she uses actively to chew food, so it appears that she hasn't been in a lot of pain leading up to this. And the good news is that even after having 3 teeth yanked out, she came through beautifully and is now resting on the back of the couch. (Even though she shouldn't be climbing up there. She's clumsy enough when she's not coming off anesthesia and pain meds!) The bad news is unrelated to the surgery and the pretty penny that came out of her mommy's pocket. Her kitty sitter had to cancel for Thanksgiving, as her husband's car just died and now they only have between them. And they don't exactly live a block away. Bummer. Major bummer. My vet runs a wonderful pet boarding service, but being that we're only two weeks out from the holiday, they are already booked up. I'm going back east to Pennsylvania for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Dad and stepmom, so I really need to find some reliable backup pet care!

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to formally introduce myself to my neighbor two doors down. After two and a half years of living a few units down from one another, you'd think one of us would have done that by now. In all this time, we're the two who have remained constant as all of the other units have turned over, and we're the two who have a pet. She has two cats who I like to coo at in the window. Perhaps we can do some mutual kitty sitting?